The Chronicles of Busy Byrd


Welcome to our blog!

I am so excited to launch our Busy Byrd first blog and thank you for following our story!! We all have things in common and what comes to mind for me is each day when we wake up, climb out of bed and put our feet on the ground, is that we need to decide what we are going to wear for the day. Whether you love to run around in your cute workout clothes or put on something fashion forward, we still make the same decision each day. For me I always like to "Get Dressed." This may be from growing up with a very proper grandmother who never put on a pair of slacks or maybe it's just because it makes me feel good to present myself to the world in the best way I know how; it's a personal choice for each of us.

Life in a paper bag?

I have to share a funny thing I was told once that still makes me laugh. I was once given a compliment from a family friend who had said that she liked what I was wearing. I thanked her graciously and said "this would be so cute on you too." She then replied " I am not so sure, you would look good dressed in a paper bag" I have thought of that and imagined this as a fashionable look or one that would certainly get a few head turns and decided to try it out. Definitely not what we see as a fashion trend or even remotely cute.

What do you think?

What we love...

It seems like an easy request to have clothing that fits well and without it fitting what's the point? When I started our clothing line in 1998 the single most important thing to me then, and still today, is to create clothing that women feel good and look good in regardless of your size. In the attached picture I am wearing one of our embroidered soft rayon tops that looks just as nice on a size 2 woman as it does on a size 14. SUCCESS!!